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Welcome to Child Related Research, Inc.

For over four decades, Child Related Research, Inc. (CRR) has set the standard in testing and evaluating child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging for pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, and cosmetics as required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, International Standards Organization, and Canadian Standards Association.

Through our extensive experience, CRR has developed a keen insight into the child-resistant and senior-friendly testing process. Accuracy, reliability, and responsiveness are crucial in testing child-resistant packaging. Our testing facilities and research methods are designed to meet these criteria, creating the data needed to thoroughly evaluate and report packaging test results.

Child Related Research, Inc. understands the importance of timely completion of studies. Due to our focus on child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging, our highly-trained staff and large pool of test sites, CRR is able to offer the quickest turnaround time in the industry for testing results.

Following stringent testing guidelines and a unique focus on client service, CRR has established a reputation as a world-wide leader in testing the efficacy and safety of child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging.

CRR is one of the only U.S. testing agencies to be internationally accredited. To view a list of the accreditations for Child Related Research, Inc. click here.

We invite you to explore our site and learn more about our company. Please e-mail or call us with any questions about our company or with inquiries into CPSC, EPA, ISO, or CSA standards.